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The Secret Experiment
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The Secret Experiment - Search for Enlightenment

Cause, action, effect... this was the law.

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Are you a person that gives rise to or believes in a movement or principle that upholds human value, promotes environmental protection or contributes toward spiritual growth? Yes? Then you are at cause. If you have a product, information or service you would like to contribute, please see how below...


Are you willing to take action and engage the law of attraction by following the three simple conditions of The Secret Experiment Search for Enlightenment? Yes? Download the free tools below to help you honor your pledge and take action.

Mindfulness Meditation

Music, Meditation, Relaxation, Spiritual

Allow this guided visualisation to take you to a place of wisdom and insight...


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Peace of Mind

Software, Meditation, Relaxation, Spiritual

Try this unique relaxation program that asks "What do you like, how do you feel and what do you need?"


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The Puzzle Master

Software, Educational, Inspirational, Spiritual

You have found the first clue now here’s what to do Collect all the maps but watch out for the traps No rules in this game or things to explain if you find yourself stuck you’ll need more than luck To get to the end you may need a friend who gives you the hope to learn skills and cope


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The Secret Experiment Music

Music, Educational, Inspirational, Spiritual

Listen to the album. It is an entertaining journey for those seeking enlightenment - a story detailing the evolutionary journey of soul searching and self-discovery. It is a story told in such a way that the simple message provokes thought and action toward awareness, understanding and appreciation.


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Be Do Have More

Articles, Educational, Spiritual

The best way to write a book is to start at the beginning. All things begin or originate in consciousness. Each and every quark or quasar, gluon or galaxy, photon or person, molecule or mountain, electron or eBook has its genesis in consciousness.


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Yoga Meditation

Music, Meditation, Relaxation

Our yoga meditation spa gift sets / yoga home spa kits evolved out of the demand for yoga and meditation products in the US. Yoga and meditation have become popular natural methods of promoting relaxation, stress relief, safe natural sleep and pain management for the tens of millions of Americans suffering from life threatening diseases and common health ailments, as well as for those interested in prevention and wellness.


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Articles, Educational, Spiritual

You are already living your destiny. Of course, you can change that at any time you choose. Likewise, you are already leaving your legacy and you can also choose, in each new moment, to create something more, something different. Why not choose now to take control of who you are becoming, what you are enacting and what you will have as a result? Destiny; it is yours by design or by default.


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Seduction of Spirit (The Chopra Center)

Video, Spiritual

Signature Meditation & Yoga Retreat *Living the Law of Attraction* Discover the Simplest Way to Cultivate Quiet In a Noisy, Stressed Out World.


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Good relaxation video courses

Video, Relaxation

Starting today, stress, sadness, bad moods and depression are a thing of the past! Here are 12 exercises that will save you from feeling down and lacking energy. Do even one of these exercises for at least 10 minutes a day for a couple of days and you’ll see how the life force flows back into your body and boosts your energy levels. If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, try exercise 12. It’s helped thousands of people and is sure to help you, too. If, on the other hand, you have trouble waking up in the morning, exercise 5 is sure to be of help.


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A Meditation for Relaxation & Wellness

Music, Meditation, Online Service, Relaxation

This CD or MP3 download of guided meditation for relaxation is for general relaxation or for facing any stressful situation. Our Health Journeys meditation audio is available in MP3, CD and Playaway format, and will help with general anxiety and even panic attacks; but it can also be used to simply promote and sustain feelings of peace, balance and optimism. The images on this relaxation meditation audio heighten feelings of love and safety, pump up serotonin and promote a state of energized calm. It should be also noted that this very meditation for relaxation and wellness is also the first half of a research-proven imagery protocol used by veterans suffering from persistent posttraumatic stress, and yielded dramatic outcomes for survivors of combat and military sexual trauma (the second half of the protocol was our Healing Trauma imagery). (38 min.) Listen to a sample and see why this guided meditation audio is one of our most popular titles, recommended robustly through wo


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ADH Mobile App

Software, Online Service

We are pleased to announce the release of our first practice application! Designed with the physicians of Arizona Digestive Health, our free mobile app helps you prepare for your upcoming procedure with illustrated descriptions and detailed instructions to guide you through the preparation process.


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Relaxation Rocks

Service, Relaxation

Purity and quality are the two most important aspects of any essential oil. Both affect its therapeutic value, aroma, color, and potency.


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Sound Healing and Therapy Exploration

Music, Spiritual

Sound Healing, through various techniques and technologies, is the educated and conscious use of the energy of sound to reach identified goals and promote wellness in the human system – including the expansion of consciousness. Sound Healing is founded on the premise that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance.


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Therapeutic Massage

Service, Local Service Only, Online Service, Relaxation

Major insurance, PI and L&I are accepted. Services that we offer: Swedish Massage Thai Yoga Mat Massage Craniosacral Therapy Inter Oral Massage for TMJ Hot Stone Massage Pregnancy Massage Labor induction Massage Infant Massage Instruction Orthobionomy Athletic Massage Reflexology Reiki Chinese Cupping Tuning Forks/Acutonics Ear Coning/Candling Gu Sha Acupressure/Shiatsu


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Natural Spa Products for Relaxation

Service, Relaxation

Massage oil and Scented candles


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Soul Plan Reading

Articles, Spiritual

Do You Wonder Why The Same Challenges Keep Repeating Themselves? Do You Have A Sense There Is Something More For You In This Life? Are You Seeking Direction? Do You Know Your Life Purpose?


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The Elmhirst Programme

Service, Educational, Inspirational, Spiritual

The programme is based in Dartington Hall’s Elmhirst Centre, the home of Leonard and Dorothy Elmhirst pioneers of the ‘Dartington experiment’. It is the latest initiative to fall within Dartington’s new strategy for Resilient and Healthy Communities and will continue the rich legacy of radical education, transformation and regeneration that was envisioned here in the 1920s.


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Healing Light

Music, Meditation, Relaxation

The Healing Light technology is encoded with energetic signatures designed to support a natural sense of feeling uplifted. Created specifically to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This program may be listened to as a meditation or while going about your normal day.


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Colours of the Mind

Music, Inspirational, Meditation, Relaxation

This stunning album is perhaps the most subtle of all the Soja Kiirtan CDs — written and recorded over the past two years, and featuring the beautiful voice of Giita Tandero from Norway on lead vocals with incredible instrumentals and back-up vocals by Liilamaya and Jagat Bandhu, and others. The six kiirtans on the album truly reflect the meaning of sacred music, inspiring the listener to move into an ever deeper meditative space.


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Natural Well Being

Service, Relaxation

Natural sleep support. Helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.Natural herbal sleep aid for insomnia, pain, anxiety, easing addiction recovery. And a lot more...


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Service, Relaxation

No matter whether you would like your slatted frame in birch plywood, beech plywood or solid beech, quality comes first for us.


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Relax Meditations for Flute and Cello CD

Music, Meditation, Relaxation

Much more than just beautiful background music, Relax: Meditations for Flute and Cello takes you on a journey deep within, helping you to experience a dynamic sense of peace and calmness. Relax is specifically designed to slow respiration and heart rate, bringing you to your calm center. The recording features fifteen melodies on flute and cello, accompanied by harp, guitar, keyboard, and strings.


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CMED’s Free Media Center

Video, Spiritual

Welcome to CMED’s Free Media Center, featuring hundreds of hours of audio and video from Caroline’s workshops and events. Caroline is committed to offering these valuable programs for free so that everyone can benefit from the wisdom of our leading spiritual teachers, particularly in these tough economic times.


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Mindfulness Meditation in Practice

Service, Educational, Meditation, Relaxation

Mindfulness Meditation practices are being incorporated into all aspects of life. Schools, chronic pain treatment programs, even the military is utilizing mindfulness meditation as a way of calming the body, decreasing stress, and strengthening the brain. Mindfulness techniques like Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy are among the most widely implemented forms of mind-body medicine.


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Exploring consciousness beyond matter

Service, Meditation, Spiritual

We continue to build on what has uniquely gone before, and welcome the perceived truths of all spiritual and related traditions and each and every individual. The values on which we focus in the College lectures, workshops and courses are devoted to increasing awareness and understanding of these truths.


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The Caterpillar Relaxation

Music, Relaxation

Using the metaphor of a caterpillar transforming effortlessly into a butterfly, this relaxation speaks very powerfully to the subconscious about the joy we can allow ourselves to experience during the process of change. Suitable for adults and children alike, the Caterpillar Relaxation is full of reassuring messages to help us begin to accept the unfoldment of life at a very deep level.


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Coming Closer to God

Video, Educational, Inspirational, Meditation, Relaxation, Spiritual

Each video is about 4 minutes long. Each one of them starts with this introduction: A wise old mystic said that when we were born God put within us a little spark of the Divine. Our job is to fan the flame and bring it forward into the world. Our challenge, the mystic said, is to ask ourselves how close we are willing to come to the fire.


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Self Realization Meditation

Service, Meditation

Provides teaching, nurturing, the clearing of emotions and balancing of mind, body and spirit for all who are seeking peace, harmony, health and progress.


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Doorways to the Infinite

Video, Educational, Meditation, Relaxation

Doorways to the Infinite invites us to directly experience the core practices and insights of Tantra from its original source: Kashmir Shaivism’s Vijnana Bhairava. This dialogue between the deity Shiva and his consort Devi unfolds the secrets for moment-to-moment awakening into inner freedom and open-eyed ecstasy. Now, Sally Kempton unpacks the hidden truths of this text, revealing it as a treasury of powerful pathways to direct revelation.


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Touch of Healing Techniques

Service, Educational, Meditation, Relaxation

The unique use of quantum physics, skills and loving intent to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. The Bible refers to these modalities as laying on of hands or spiritual healing.


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Hope: Music to Inspire

Music, Educational, Inspirational, Meditation, Spiritual

Always be inspired through reading holy texts and listening music from around the world, from all different time periods.


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Aroma Touch Massage

Service, Relaxation

A massage that is designed to suit your personal needs. At the time of your treatment the massage can range from a hard, firm massage to a deep tissue massage to release muscle tension from your neck and shoulders right down to your lower back or a therapeutic relaxation massage to ease away stress and tension from work or hectic lifestyles.


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Source Healing Network

Service, Educational, Meditation, Online Service

A highly interactive and fun place, dedicated to people who wish to learn and practice the Source Healing Techniques to help others. It is not a social club or forum for debate or promotion of other healing techniques or religious beliefs.


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Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique

Articles, Educational, Meditation, Relaxation, Spiritual

By using special quantum wave energy (between the facilitator and client), at different frequencies, we are able to retune your body. Your body enters a state where it focuses on damaged areas and reprioritises the natural healing system to repair itself. Think of it as a way of telling your body what is needing to heal!


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Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Program

Service, Educational, Inspirational, Relaxation, Spiritual

HTSM classes are designed to assist you in the knowledge and tradition of the laying-on-of hands and anointing with oil for healing body, mind, and spirit. Healing IS the work of Christianity. Our program teaches the sacred healing art that flows from the love and compassion we have for one another. Our curriculum answers the need for quality education on the spiritual and scriptural aspects of a healing ministry for today’s Christians. Our philosophy of caring forms the basis of our teaching—we are all instruments for the healing energies of God. We promote the art of healing as well as the art of spiritual presence practiced by all those in healing ministry.


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Signature Kitya Karnu

Service, Relaxation

Our award-winning, deeply relaxing, total body experience in your own private steam room. Aromatic body oils and pure mineral salts are applied for a full body exfoliation, followed by a massaging application of a rich and creamy walnut and wattleseed exfoliant. A nourishing hair treatment is applied along with a hydrating facial cleanse and masque. A cool river stone ritual that helps to clear and revive energy centres completes the treatment.


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Himalayan Salt Products

Service, Environmental, Relaxation

Have you ever used Epsom salt in a bath to relax and reduce inflammation? Himalayan Salt has a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties but also contains many more minerals that assist in the natural healing processes of your body. So fill a tub, add some Himalayan Salt, sit back, relax, and feel better!


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Crystal Healing

Service, Environmental, Meditation, Relaxation

Crystals can be used as a powerful energy balancing tool by themselves or in conjunction with other modalities, such as Reiki. Specific crystals are laid on each chakra or in the aura. The process is relaxing and peaceful.


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III Suns Products

Service, Relaxation, Spiritual

We offer a great variety of scented candles, incense, aromatherapy, oils, and other one-of-a-kind products that will help you relax and unwind. Combined with many of our other unique products, these quality relaxation products can help you on the road to a new awakening and continued growth as you travel down your spiritual path.


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CrystalSonic Rejuvenation

Service, Environmental, Relaxation

This energy facial lift uses ancient Chinese acupressure techniques and principles, sound healing and crystals. CrystalSonic Rejuvenation is a painless, rejuvenating and revitalising treatment that has been designed to help the face and whole body look and feel younger.


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Meditation Cushion

Service, Meditation, Relaxation

Meditation cushions or pillows, yoga blankets, yoga bolsters, and other props can greatly improve your posture and comfort level during meditation. As with any practice, whether construction or cooking, meditation requires the proper tools to ensure a successful practice session.


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Relaxation Oil

Service, Relaxation

The perfect product for those struggling with falling asleep or interrupted and restless nights. Sleep On It features increased concentration of calming essential oils to encourage quiet moments, relaxation and aid in promoting a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. Dream on.


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